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Slam The Baby!

There are a lot of good reasons to have children; Continuing the human race, natural progression of marriage, creating a family unit. But the number one reason for men to have children is so they can recreate iconic WWF/WCW wrestling moves on their kids.

It's around 1900 hours at our house and its supper time. I'm sure my wife intended to have supper completed earlier but due to various newborn interruptions, Clara questions, and Abigail emotional ups and downs it got pushed back. I'm sure I was on and on about some theological topic and how it relates to society when Clara asked if she could whisper something in my ear, a secret.

She leans in and asks me if I can slam her and Abigail after we eat. I smile very big and whisper back to her "of course". After eating a little bit more, I lean in to tell Clara, "I'm going to pretend to be upset with you and send you and your sister to the bedroom".

Clara's face lights up and I begin to raise my voice and tell her and her sister to get in the bedroom because they are in trouble. We walk down the hall and into the bedroom and I close the door behind us so it looks serious from my wife's point of view. This is what it's all about, this is what you live for as a parent, the moment you get some actual use out of the overpriced queen sized bed.

This is what it's all about, this is what you live for as a parent, the moment you get some actual use out of the overpriced queen sized bed.

I pretend to punch Clara in the stomach and tell her this is a powerbomb, as I flip her up to my shoulders and slam her down on the bed. After initial impact, I add a little extra tickle action to the mix and watch her laugh and squirm around. I wait for Abigail to stand up and turn around, perfect time for a chokeslam. I pick her up and tell her to say bye bye, as I slam her down on the bed and cross her arms for the 1, 2, 3. While I was fixated on tickling Abigail, Clara was climbing the top rope. Which, in this case, is the headboard. She flies off the top with a flying crossbody and I catch her and fall on my back.

As I'm teaching Abigail how to jump off the headboard and land on my shoulders so we can perform a perfect Frankensteiner, my wife opens the door with a concerned look on her face. She was expecting to find crying kiddos and a stern husband. Instead, she finds her husband instructing a 2 year old how to climb the headboard and get to the top and her 5 year old waiting to jump on top of us after the move is completed. After she assesses the room, she slowly shuts the door and backs away to return to the normal environment of the kitchen and living room.

Creating memories, that's what it's all about. That's the dream. Yea, I may have broken the bed boards doing a sweet wrestling move. Who cares? I'm in the business of creating long lasting memories for my kids. That's my job as a dad.

Highly recommend this for any kid, anywhere, anytime. Make Memories

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