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Reject Comfort, Embrace Discomfort

Early morning, around 0600, I'm walking around the kitchen looking for my "come and take it" coffee cup. I am rinsing out my cup at the kitchen sink when I look out the window and see a massive pecan limb. The limb, I guess, is around 25 yards long and has fallen off the tree and is resting in the middle of my back yard. What a day! This log had no clue that it had fallen in the wrong man's backyard.

I am home for a week due to having covid, that's what the doc said anyways. I think it's June and in Georgia, it's pretty hot. Perfect opportunity to see what I'm made of. I sip my coffee looking out at the backyard with this log and tell my wife "I have 1 week to cut this thing into pieces and move it out of the yard." She looks at me confused and asks me if I'm going to use a chainsaw, I tell her I'm going to use my axe and move the chunks to the fire pit by hand.

I am completely aware that using a chainsaw would be a more efficient way of cutting the log up and using a truck or trailer to move the pieces would make more sense but it would be easier. I'm not looking for the easy way, I'm looking for the hard way. I'm looking to take the road that no one else is on, that no one else is even thinking about.

I put on some old jeans that have been ripped a number of times, a pair of old worn out boots that are barely hanging on, and a large glass of sweet tea. I give my wife a kiss as I walk out the front door and head towards the log. I walk from one end of the limb to the other and take it all in and think about how rewarding it will be when I have chopped this tree into pieces and removed it from my yard. I pick up the axe and make my first hack, the axe sinks in and the work begins.

I'm not looking for the easy way, I'm looking for the hard way. I'm looking to take the road that no one else is on, that no one else is even thinking about.

I am a firm believer in the power of the mind. If you feel sick then you will be and if you think negative, you will only see the negative. I had certain symptoms of a sickness that I had never experienced before but it did not matter. I had waves of fatigue that would almost shut my body down, I had powerful headaches that made me pause, and weird taste and smell issues that were just annoying. I've never really been able to smell anyways due to a "brother headbutting me in the truck while we were fighting over a seatbelt buckle and breaking my nose" incident. None of these things matter though because it won't stop me.

We, as a society, have become soft. We have become so accustomed to comfort that if any discomfort is found it is met with fear and most people are unequipped with how to respond to discomfort. Society has reached such an apex that most people are in a constant state of comfort and feel they should always be comfortable and when that comfort is challenged it is seen as the enemy. There are fast food restaurants on every corner with drive thru options so you don't even have to get out of your car to walk inside much less have to hunt and kill your meal. There's an unlimited amount of media to consume because we can't be alone inside our own minds for fear of dealing with ourselves. Technology has made manual labor easier and easier which has made man weaker and lazier.

I chopped that limb down to size in 4 days. It was not easy nor fun, it was physically taxing and I am pretty sure I messed up a couple ribs or back muscles but I'm not a doctor. I had covid issues, it was summer time in Georgia, using just an axe and my hands. If you want to be hard, go cut you a tree down. People, especially men, should stop looking for the path of least resistance and make a path where there isn't one.

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