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Losing Never Leaves

The light is fading in the backyard, the game is tied and the next score wins the game. I have the ball and moving down the field with ease. I'm the older brother and I do not lose to my younger brother in any competition but especially not in football. The endzone is the trash pile that consists of tree limbs, an old foam cooler, some rusted tin, cans and bottles. I started the drive at the rose bush by the dirt road and I only need two more plays to score, he can't stop me. I know what route I'm running, five and out, it is unstoppable if my QB throws it to the right spot. Hut! I take off and run the rout perfectly, make the catch and turn to cut up field. I'm already thinking about what celebration dance or trash talk I'm going to use for when I punch it in for the win. I am on my way to score, just a foot away and something happens. I make a move and nearly fall and as I put my hand down to recover my balance, my knee hits the ball and I fumble the ball. As I roll over into the trash pile all I can do is watch as my brother scoops up the ball and runs it past the rose bush and pour on the celebration. That was the first time I can recall ever fumbling and the first time I've lost on a mistake like that. That was 20 years ago and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Losing should not sit well with anyone and be a forever reminder of failure and how it makes you feel. A lot of people don't understand this mindset and say "it's just a game" or will tell you it's not worth getting upset about. These people do not know what they are talking about and should not be given an audience.

Anyone that says those words has never entered the tunnel vision mode of competition. Game is on the line, one one one with your opponent matching him step for step and watching the ball soar through the air. Hearing nothing but your breathing as you both jump in to the air to intercept the pass. Running around my teammate that set a perfect screen for me to get open, knowing I am shooting this ball and win or lose it's all on me. Giving everything you have mentally and physically in that moment and to experience the feeling of defeating your opponent and knowing you are better.

There is no "just playing for fun", you know what's fun? Winning. "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" you know who said that? A loser.

Failure is one of the greatest motivational tools if responded to properly. Failing should be viewed as a challenge that needs to be completed before moving forward to the next one. Most people will fail and look outward to point to people or circumstance as to the reason they failed. They will use every excuse in the book to never try again, and they won't. Distance yourself from these people, they will drag you down into the depths with negativity and quitter mentality. I have failed numerous times and each time it increases my determination to succeed.

Losing never leaves you, nor should it, let it remind you of how failure feels.

Always a reminder that you need to do better, you need to be better.

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